What is Real Food Anyway?
– And Why We Like it

What is Real Food Anyway?<br>– And Why We Like it

Real food is grown with the goal of producing quality food specifically meant to be sustainable & good for eating. They are mostly unprocessed, all free of chemical additives, and tend to be better in flavor and higher in nutrients. Since processed foods became popular in the 20th century, the Western diet has shifted away from wholesome foods that are grown and cooked properly.

While processed foods are convenient, they may harm your health. Following a diet based on real food can help to maintain good health and quality of life. Many companies use processed and prepared foods due to their ease of use and lower up-front cost. We do not. We choose to serve real food. The same thing we serve to our own families. Here are some of the many reasons why we choose a real food model.

Better for You and For the Environment.

The world population is steadily growing, and with this growth comes increased demand for food. However, producing food for billions of people has an environmental toll. Additionally, the process was never intended to produce the best quality food.

Factory farming is a problem. It causes deforestation, increases fuel and pesticide use and favors production over quality. Developing sustainable local models will improve the health of our planet. It will increase quality while reducing energy needs and carbon footprint.

Helps Support Local Fishermen, Farmers and Ranchers

Purchasing produce, meat, and dairy from farmers markets supports the people who grow food in your community. In addition, local farms often provide fresher and less processed food than supermarkets. Our real food cookout catering serves the best tasting and freshest food we can find.

Local producers care about their product and have overseen its growth from a seed to the kitchen. Small local farms are a key element needed to support our modern world. We can feed everyone without using the factory farming model.

Does It Cost More?

It’s said that real food is more expensive than processed food. In some ways, this adage holds true. An analysis of 27 studies from 10 countries found that eating healthier food costs about $1.56 more per 2,000 calories. Reasonable for an average American to choose a better product. After all, you are what you eat!

While this is an additional cost, real food saves over the long term. Especially if factors other than amount paid at the register are considered. As we discuss in our article “Sustainable Sourcing & True Costs” processed foods and large factory farming have additional costs besides the up-front price paid for the foods they produce These additional costs affect your family, your local community and the environment.

Most Importantly Real Food is Delicious!

On top of everything else, real food tastes delicious. The amazing flavor of fresh, unprocessed food is undeniable. Once your taste buds have adjusted to real food, processed food simply can’t compare. By eating local options that are seasonally available you can provide variety and try new things at the peak of their freshness.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Choosing real food is a smart way to improve your chances at great health and a great meal. Check out some of our favorite sources of great local real food. Real food is just one component of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also important to get plenty of exercise, lower stress levels, and maintain proper nutritional balance.