Pre-Order Ceviche

Thank you for choosing Reel Street Eats.

Pre-ordering is a great way to ensure we are never sold out of your favorite ceviche items.

Why do we sell out? First, it’s because our ceviche is that good and the early birds gets the fish. But it’s also a necessary part of serving only the FRESHEST sustainably caught wild fish. When you buy our ceviche, it is fresh. The fish, the juice, the veggies. Nothing is left over from yesterday. Today’s food was sourced, prepped, and served – just for you.

It’s a difference you can taste and it’s a big part of what makes this San Diego’s best Ceviche!

Please place orders as far in advance as possible. SAME DAY ORDERS CAN NOT BE GUARANTEED. All ceviche is made fresh daily in our professional kitchen before the day’s markets begin.

PICKUP ONLY. No Shipping or Delivery. Uncollected orders cannot be resold & must be discarded with no refund. Pickup your order at the market time you have selected!

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